A World of experience!

Last weekend I DJ’ed at a wedding of an Italian bride and French groom at The Caledonian club in Belgravia. Very few of the guests were British and much of the nights music consisted of Italian, French, Salsa, Arabic, Bhangra and even Greek! with Jean Christophe & Paola Afterwards it occurred to me that there can be very few […]

In answer to requests about Demo CDs

Sometimes prospective clients ask me if I’m able to send them a demo CD. I have never produced them because I feel they do not accurately reflect the quality of your DJ. Anyone can record a load of songs onto a CD but it does not indicate how they would react to a dancefloor emptying. A good DJ constantly watches the audience and their reactions to each song he plays, this dictates what to play next, this is impossible to replicate on a CD. And it’s not just […]

Setting up the disco after the meal

At weddings where there is limited space often it can be a requirement that the disco sets up after the Wedding Breakfast has finished, and the question that many DJs are asked is how long will it take to setup? It generally takes me around 45 minutes to set up all of the sound & lighting equipment, and I will usually arrive at the venue just over an hour before the start time. Very often at weddings the bride and groom will […]