Enjoy what you do

This article follows on from “The Public Perception of DJs” and focuses on the actual enjoyment of DJ’ing. As mentioned in that article, the perception of Wedding DJs is often pretty poor with some people thinking that all wedding DJs play tracks along the lines of Agadoo, Jive Bunny and the Birdie song all night and babble inanely between every song cracking jokes in poor taste. I know a lot of top class DJs that concentrate on the wedding market and know that perception to be very inaccurate,  although the description of DJs given in the opening sentence do still exist and are often the DJs that do it for a bit of cash in hand, have no insurance, don’t have any type of contract/booking form and aren’t really bothered whether their clients have a great day or not. Wedding at Taplow House Hotel I actually really enjoy performing at weddings as it’s a real challenge and provides a huge buzz when you can overcome all the challenges that are often encountered and yet still manage to fill the dancefloor for most of the night. The challenges include: […]

The last dance!

The Last Dance You’ve had a fantastic day. The weather, conversation, food have all been perfect, you’ve had lots of fun, you and your guests have now been dancing and laughing all night. How do you now end the night? and how on earth are you going to manage to say goodbye to all of your guests that are still here! It seems hardly anyone has left- they’ve been having too much fun! There is a way that you can combine all of that; i.e. have a fun end to the night and also say goodbye to everyone in the room at the same time! Wedding Circle Have a friendship circle (also known as a circle of love or wedding circle). […]

Destroy It Yourself!

The following is a blog post from a DJ in the USA who kindly gave me permission to reproduce this here. I received the following email by a good friend, a superb local wedding photographer, detailing some of the events of a wedding they had recently worked. As someone involved in the industry, they know the value of quality vendors doing the job they are paid to do. However, in this so-called “down economy”, and with occasional terrible advice from bridal websites, couples are often looking to save money on their big day. What this shows, I think, […]

Guest Requests

The guest request system that I have in place has proved very popular with many clients. When a client confirms a booking with me they are sent a username/password that gives them access to the client area of my website. One section in here is the Guest request system, which gives them  a link and a password that they can send […]

Client evaluations of my service

I’ve just received a completed evaluation from a client whose wedding I performed at a few weeks ago and it can be seen here. It’s always very useful to receive these to ensure that clients are happy with the service that I’m providing to them or whether any changes need to be made. However, starting […]

Music for the wedding Ceremony

Music For The Wedding Ceremony. Some of the most popular pieces of music for the Wedding Ceremony are: Pachelbel-Canon in D, Bach-Jesu, joy of Man’s desiring, Bach-Sleeper’s awake, Wagner-Here comes the bride, Vivaldi-Guitar concerts in D minor, Largo, Bocelli-Con Te Partiro, Mendelssohn- […]

It’s deaf-initely too loud!

Most social events such as weddings are functions where people wish to dance and have a good time, but also chat with old friends and family and make new friends. This is very difficult to do if the entertainment is intent on forcing you to shout all night because the music is too loud. It’s essential that a DJ pays special […]