Breaking the ice

At many weddings, it’s often only the bride and bridegroom, plus 1 or 2 other people that will know almost everyone attending and there are usually many guests that don’t know many of the other guests.¬†For the gregarious and extroverts this isn’t a problem as they have no problem in just starting conversations with all and sundry but many people are quite a bit more reserved and don’t find that so easy. […]

The Best Wedding DJ!

Recently I met with a couple to discuss their wedding day and for them to possibly book my services. They told me of the type of wedding they were looking for, the type of atmosphere they wanted to create if possible, the things they’d seen at friends weddings that they really liked and also the things they’d seen they didn’t like at all. After listening to what they wanted I explained how I might be able to help, and the way I work and some of the services I offer. We went through the timeline they’d prepared and I was able to offer them a few suggestions on the timings and a few other things. At the end of the meeting I gave them a quote for how much it would cost and left it with them to discuss. The following day they called me back to say they were really excited to use me and loved the sound of some of the services I’d offered and wanted to book. We then chatted a little further, and the bride-to-be mentioned that they’d previously spoken with another DJ who had told them that he was “The Best Wedding DJ!” and was quite unequivocal in stating that, yet he wasn’t interested in meeting with them or finding out more about their day and what they wanted etc., which was one of the reasons they decided not to book him. Later on I was thinking about the statement the DJ had made, that he was “The Best Wedding DJ”! It seems such an absurd statement to make for so many reasons. […]