Enhancing your wedding venue

There are a multitude of ways to enhance any venue. A place such as a community hall, social club etc can be transformed into something very elegant looking with the use of things like drapes, lighting and so on. And even quite prestigious venues can be improved and given your personal touch to look quite different from many of the other events that have been held at the same venue. Community halls especially are ideal for the use of draping, and by using your imagination and a good stock of draping around the room a drab, dark, poorly decorated room, that has little character can be made very special visually by adding LED lighting to the drapes, and the use of flowers, chair covers, stylish centrepieces etc. Starcloths can also give the room a completely different feel and look, and hide any unsightly features the room may contain. At many weddings now the brides opt to have a backdrop behind the head table such as a “Light Curtain” or Starcloth and this is something chosen by brides at many different types of rooms. […]