Weddings at Henry Moore Foundation

Weddings at Henry Moore Foundation: Some photos from a wedding I did at The Henry Moore Foundation, in Much Hadham, in Hertfordshire in the summer of 2012 […]

A wedding surprise

The main aim of most couples is to make their wedding as much fun as possible. After-all, the more fun you have the more you’re going to remember it fondly, and when you’re laying out the equivalent to the deposit on a house for your wedding day, you want everyone that comes to remember what a great time they had at your wedding day! But sometimes it’s the guests that lay on the fun, and surprise the couple in a way they weren’t expecting. At a wedding I did late last year the bride had a major surprise […]

Striving to improve to increase the fun!

As mentioned in earlier blog posts, I recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas, at which I attended the MobileBeat DJ show, and also attended two workshops given by two of the leading figures in the DJ industry. As a result I am now full, almost to the brim, with lots of ideas of things that I want to implement into my business and service that I provide to the couples that book me, with the end result being that the weddings will be even more fun, and leave them with a fantastic experience and a lot of treasured memories, even more so than I currently deliver. The Best Wedding Reception…Ever! The first workshop that I did was called The Professional Process and was given by Peter Merry, the author of the best selling book The Best Wedding Reception…Ever! A book that EVERY prospective bride should read, […]