The wedding dance

The majority of couples when planning their entertainment for their wedding imagine in their head that if the dance floor is full then all their guests are having a great time and the night is a success. However, at almost every wedding there is an uncle that will never go near a dance floor in his life, someone else with maybe a disability that doesn’t enable them to dance, the drinkers that feel it’s their duty to make sure the bar staff are never bored and so on. Essentially, at many weddings you could have as many as 30% of the guests that have no intention of dancing, yet you’ll likely still want these people to enjoy the night just as much as those that like to boogie down? […]

DJ Prices

Imagine the scene; a couple have spent a LOT of time planning their wedding. The ceremony was fabulous, the venue looked amazing with some [...]

DJ Pricing – Hours? Equipment? Talent?

A post  from the blog of Mark Ferrell on the issue of DJ pricing “The Great Wedding Rip-off” I’ve read a couple of articles and TV exposes lately that reveal how DJs and other wedding vendors “gouge” brides by inflating prices for weddings. One headline read, “Great Wedding Rip-off: Party Venue Costs $250 – But It’ll Be $850 For Your Big Day.” For this reason, and many others, I always charged the same price for any event – be it a backyard birthday party or a posh wedding. […]