Wedding Entertainment Ideas

For some time now I’ve been starting the day with a delicious smoothie. I used to use a Kenwood blender, and was very happy with the results. Then I kept hearing about an amazing blender called a Vitamix that could apparently make incredibly tasty smoothies, and make them REALLY smooth but which was much pricier. When I first saw the price I was immediately put off as it seemed way too much to pay for a blender. Until a few months ago, when I tasted a smoothie made by a Vitamix, which was WOW! I then purchased a Vitamix, and have been absolutely delighted with the smoothies this blender can make, which are just so much better, than what could be produced by the Kenwood I’d previously used. If I’d known about the Vitamix in the first place, I’d probably never have purchased the Kenwood. A couple of phrases come to mind while recounting the above. One that I’ve heard many many times is “you don’t know, what you don’t know”, and the other which I prefer is, “Unconscious Incompetence”: Level 1 – Unconscious Incompetence (You Don’t Know that You Don’t Know) At this level you are blissfully ignorant: You have a complete lack of knowledge and skills in the subject in question (or awareness of an issue). On top of this, you are unaware of this lack of skill, and your confidence may therefore far exceed your abilities. […]

Wedding Music

When you hear the phrase "Wedding music" what does it mean to you? it can have entirely different meanings to many different people. But [...]

How To Plan A DIY Wedding

How to plan a DIY wedding While the wedding day is supposed to be a happy event for the lucky couple, the sheer number of things to deal with, can put off most people. This is why many opt to leave the organisation in the hands of a professional wedding planner; however, DIY weddings have risen in popularity in recent years allowing the couple to put their own personal stamp on their big day. […]

Wedding stress!

Wedding stress and the planning involved can become overwhelming for some couples, or more specifically, some brides, which is usually the case. And this stress can in some cases get so bad that they don’t actually enjoy their big day All the couples I work with, I offer whichever level of support they require. Some are fine with just a meeting before the big day to discuss the timings and music, others prefer me to be a lot more involved in taking care of things on the day such as all of the introductions and coordinating things on the day, and some tap into my experience from performing at over 2,000 weddings and ask for help in planning the timeline and arranging entertainment throughout the day, and not just in the evening reception, which is the norm for so many weddings, as if wedding guests don’t want any entertainment prior to the evening reception! […]