Vinyl or Digital which is better?

Vinyl or Digital Which is Better? Over the decades, music has been captured on a variety of formats. From the original wax cylinders of the 20s, to 8-track cartridges, cassette tapes and minidiscs, technology is in constant flux. Now, in the age of digital, audio files have taken another leap – including the likes of MP3. But even now, one format keeps coming back from the dead; with a somewhat cult following amongst music lovers. According to the BPI (British Phonographic Industry), vinyl sales […]

5 of the Best Wedding Planning Apps

5 of the Best Wedding Planning Apps Do you own a smartphone? If the answer is yes, then you are not alone; more than seven in ten people use a smartphone in the UK! Armed with this sophisticated piece of everyday tech, you have a powerful tool to assist with organising your wedding. The best wedding planning apps are simple to install, convenient to use, and help to reduce the stress that accompany the excitement of getting married. To inspire and help, here’s a list of 5 particular favourites of mine! 1. The Knot – Free (Android) Linked to the popular wedding website, The Knot app is primarily used to help brides find the perfect wedding dress. While nothing can replace the thrill of trying on luxurious gowns in person, The Knot allows you to […]

6 Fascinating Facts About Engagement Rings

6 Fascinating Facts About Engagement Rings Every journey of marriage begins with one simple question; ‘will you marry me?’. It’s a moment many couples dream of, and in most cases it is executed with perfection – from rustic beachside proposals to gestures of grandeur. Getting engaged is an incredibly exciting time, and one of the most important elements is, of course, the ring. To celebrate the beauty and magic of engagement rings, here are 6 fascinating facts to impress, amaze and delight! 1. An engagement ring is traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. But have you ever wondered why? It’s a […]

5 Ideas for Children’s Entertainment at Weddings

5 Ideas for Children’s Entertainment at Weddings It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: an agitated, bored child playing up at a friend or relative’s wedding. From toddler temper tantrums to fidgety school-age kids, it can be hard to keep children entertained during a wedding ceremony and reception. While some celebrations have a strict ‘no kids’ policy, others welcome little ones of all ages – from babies through to teens. If you have […]