Wedding Traditions and Customs from Around the Globe

Wedding Traditions and Customs from Around the Globe No matter our background or nationality, there is one thing most of us have in common: we love a good wedding! The perfect excuse to get dolled up and celebrate with friends and family, weddings are a significant part of cultures worldwide. From tokens of good luck to bizarre ceremony customs, here is a fascinating insight into wedding traditions from around the globe. Engagement A romantic occasions forever circled on the calendar, the rules of engagement differ vastly from nation to nation; and the UK alone boasts dozens of […]

Wedding DJ equipment setup – Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding DJ equipment setup Another in the series of the questions asked during the meetings I have with couples when talking about their wedding. It generally takes me under an hour to set up all of the sound & lighting equipment, and I will usually arrive at the venue just over an hour and a half before the start time. If that’s not early enough, you always have the option of an early set up. Sometimes, due to limited space at the venue, the only time the DJ can set-up is […]