Music for Cutting of the Wedding Cake

Cutting of the Wedding Cake At far too many weddings the cutting of the wedding cake is over in a flash. Yet when you consider just how much money is spent on the cake at many weddings seems a shame, or even more so when a family member or friend has gone to the trouble to create a beautiful wedding cake. To add some significance to the cake cutting ceremony why not organise for one of your wedding party, or family friend, to read out a poem just before the two of you cut the cake, as all of the guests are […]

How To Make Your Wedding Reception More Fun

How To Make Your Wedding Reception More Fun? Every couple wants their wedding to be lots of fun, one┬áthat all the guests remember fondly for years to come. This is one of the ways I achieve that with the couples that book my services… Most DJs are just booked from the reception onwards and so arrive around 6 or 7pm in the evening. However, by being at the wedding from the ceremony/drinks reception I get to build a rapport with many of the guests – from chit chatting with them during the drinks reception, and from them seeing the fun that I inject into the proceedings, such as […]

Wedding DJ Playlist

Wedding DJ Playlist The reason for imposing song request limits A few couples that have booked me have asked why I have limits as to how many songs can be requested, and it’s always hard to explain why, without sounding arrogant. One of the main problems is that whenever I’m given a long list of requests to play, I feel compelled to try to stick to the list as much as possible, and so do not make so many of my own choices, even though often there are tracks that I would choose, I know would get a better reaction on the dancefloor, […]

Scrimping and Saving: How Should you Spend your Wedding Budget?

Scrimping and Saving: How Should you Spend your Wedding Budget? As a bride or groom to be, you naturally want only the very best for your wedding day. But for the vast majority of couples, the wedding budget is not endless and tough choices have to be made when it comes to spending. Allocating your finances can […]