Destination Wedding DJ

Destination Wedding DJ Destination weddings are getting increasingly popular but what do you do if you’re getting married abroad but not confident that the local DJs will be able to play the right mix of music for your guests? You pop me in your suitcase and take me with you. Or I can travel separately. Whatever you prefer. But the point is you don’t have to go without incredible […]

Entertainment accessories for your wedding

Also known as ambient lighting and architectural lighting, uplighting is a unique way to change the atmosphere in the room your wedding is held in. Virtually any colour can be selected to match the decor of the room - for example, the bride might choose a colour that matches her flowers or bridesmaids dresses, such as a certain shade of pink or purple. At many events [...]

A Price to DJ My wedding?

A Price to DJ my wedding? I’d love to be able to provide an off the cuff quote, but there are too many variables. The services I provide are so very different to those provided by huge majority of DJs in the UK that simply giving you a quote without a proper explanation of what is included in that fee is as useful as an inflatable dartboard. […]

Frequently Asked Questions When Booking a DJ

Frequently Asked Questions When Booking a DJ How early should I book? Peak periods are Saturdays between May and October and many of these will be booked two to three years in advance. I opt for quality over quantity and work at far less events than most DJs for three reasons: Each wedding I perform [...]

Corporate Christmas Parties

Corporate Christmas Parties? A perfect way to thank your staff or impress your clients is with an experienced international club DJ who can combine the hot club feel for the hipper members of the audience and the more party vibe for those that aren’t into clubbing. Some of my past corporate clients include BP, Selfridges, Marks & Spencers etc (full list lower down this page). You want a flawless event? A sure-fire success? I’m here. And what’s more I’ll be happy to share the limelight / coordinate [...]

Entertainment services for weddings and corporate events

The core of my business is weddings and has been for many years and so is this sites main focus however, I do receive many enquiries for corporate events, often from previous wedding clients. There are a few corporate events that I've been doing annually for a few years that came about from originally doing [...]