Music Information

Music Information Your wedding like the very best parties will have a mixture of songs that please and entertain all age groups, music tastes and cultures. As a wedding DJ in the London area for over 20 years I have a huge range of music covering an enormous range of genres and eras. Looking for music with a more international flavour for your wedding? I’ve got that covered too.

Guess Who’s Better at Figuring Out Song Lyrics

Guess Who’s Better at Figuring Out Song Lyrics Does a super robot really care what song lyrics mean? Does a super robot care what any word means?  Robots have their time and place, assembling cars, traveling to the moon and bomb detonation. But can they accomplish voice transcription more successfully than humans? A challenge to figure this out was recently conducted between IBM Watson, known as the smartest robot ever and two professional  transcriptionists. After all, Watson kept Jeopardy fans on the edge of their seats when he appeared on the famous game show. Let’s see how he rocks to the transcription beat. […]

Song Suggestions for Throwing the Bouquet

Song Suggestions for Throwing the Bouquet Recently I've found that a lot of brides-to-be have asked for advice on Song Suggestions for Throwing the [...]

Music for Cutting of the Wedding Cake

Cutting of the Wedding Cake At far too many weddings the cutting of the wedding cake is over in a flash. Yet when you consider just how much money is spent on the cake at many weddings seems a shame, or even more so when a family member or friend has gone to the trouble to create a beautiful wedding cake. To add some significance to the cake cutting ceremony why not organise for one of your wedding party, or family friend, to read out a poem just before the two of you cut the cake, as all of the guests are […]

Wedding First Dance Songs

Wedding First Dance Songs The first dance at a wedding is a very special moment for the couple, shared with their closest friends and family. Over the years I’ve played a huge number of different songs at the 2,000+ weddings that I’ve performed at, and seen a huge variation in the way the couples have danced to the songs as well, but I’ll leave that for another post. Recently a few brides-to-be have asked about some of the songs that have been requested for the first dance by previous couples, and so below is a list of some of the songs that have been asked for over the last few years. Adam Sandler (Wedding Singer OST) = I Wanna Grow Old With You […]

The Urbane International Wedding DJ

International wedding DJ Over the last 20 years I have now DJed at quite a few weddings in various countries around the world including France, Spain, Indonesia, Switzerland, Syria and Italy, and am familiar with the differences between DJing at a wedding in England and some of the things that a DJ will encounter when working in a different country, but what is the benefit to a bride and groom that are looking to hire a DJ for their wedding abroad? Recent wedding at the Hotel Grand de Paris in The Alps If your wedding guests originate from many different countries, then having a international wedding DJ familiar with audiences other than just their own native country is more likely to keep all your guests happy and having a good night. There are many songs for example that are huge in England at many weddings, that do not work at all in some other countries, and a DJ that hasn’t experienced working abroad won’t know that, and runs the risk of ‘losing the dancefloor’ much more than they may be used to. So it’s not just a case of being familiar with say French music for a wedding in France, or Italian music if there are many Italian guests, but it’s also about (as with any wedding) knowing what not to play. […]

Guest Requests

The guest request system that I have in place has proved very popular with many clients. When a client confirms a booking with me they are sent a username/password that gives them access to the client area of my website. One section in here is the Guest request system, which gives them  a link and a password that they can send […]

In answer to requests about Demo CDs

Sometimes prospective clients ask me if I’m able to send them a demo CD. I have never produced them because I feel they do not accurately reflect the quality of your DJ. Anyone can record a load of songs onto a CD but it does not indicate how they would react to a dancefloor emptying. A good DJ constantly watches the audience and their reactions to each song he plays, this dictates what to play next, this is impossible to replicate on a CD. And it’s not just […]