How to write your own vows, and make them meaningful

How to write your own vows, and make them meaningful Have you ever watched Improv comedy? Or seen TV shows such as “Whose line is it anyway”? (a programme that features some of the finest improv comedians on the planet). One of the reasons why many people love improv is because it’s fresh, it’s original and it’s witty. Hearing the same old, same old can get tedious, and it’s the same for your vows. Compare the following two weddings: […]

A Wedding Celebrant and Master of Ceremonies

Many moons ago I was a simple wedding DJ! Many people would say that I’m still pretty simple but hopefully they’d at least concede that I’m now more than just a simple wedding DJ. Not quite as many moons ago I started to take an interest in being a Master of Ceremonies which came about partly from often being asked to provide background music at many weddings during the drinks reception and wedding breakfast. After a while I started realising that far too often the wedding breakfast there was very little fun going on and that apart from the speeches not much laughter either. […]