The Beautiful Wedding of Natasha & Jane

I was honoured to be the Master of Ceremonies and DJ at the wedding of Natasha & Jane at The Great Barn in Ruislip. It was a baking hot day and a fantastic atmosphere. I have put this video together to provide a taste of the great atmosphere they had for their day:   The music selection they requested included: Music for the Ceremony Processional: My Girl  – Temptations Signing of the register: […]

A Wedding Celebrant and Master of Ceremonies

Many moons ago I was a simple wedding DJ! Many people would say that I’m still pretty simple but hopefully they’d at least concede that I’m now more than just a simple wedding DJ. Not quite as many moons ago I started to take an interest in being a Master of Ceremonies which came about partly from often being asked to provide background music at many weddings during the drinks reception and wedding breakfast. After a while I started realising that far too often the wedding breakfast there was very little fun going on and that apart from the speeches not much laughter either. […]

107 tips from a Top Wedding DJ – Bridechilla-Save The Date Podcast

Want to hear some great tips on entertainment for your wedding? Check out this edition of the Bridechilla (Save The Date) wedding podcast by Aleisha McCormack on which I’m interviewed. Aleisha asks me about subjects such as: Music that should and shouldn’t be played at weddings When to play certain tracks The image of wedding DJs How a new band of DJs in the UK are trying to raise the standard of wedding DJs and getting far more creative What does a master of ceremonies do Music for the wedding ceremony What is a wedding host Why you should meet your DJ Questions you should ask a DJ you’re interested in booking Ice breaking between the two families and friends Creating energy and laughter during the wedding day […]

The ‘Eskiepades’ that took me from Kilburn to Harrow… via Amsterdam, Damascus and Bali!

An article written by Anthony Winyard and published in Pro Mobile the magazine for Mobile DJs, issue 65 May 2014. The ‘Eskiepades’ that took me from Kilburn to Harrow… via Amsterdam, Damascus and Bali! Picture the scene, I’m 20 and it’s a cold January evening at a flat in Kilburn, North West London. Suddenly the door to my room flies open, and one of my flatmates runs in, “Tone, there’s a phone call for… bloody hell, it’s flaming freezing in ‘ere, you must be a bleedin’ Eskimo to live in this place!” From then on my mates knew me as ‘Eskie’! Dr Who! At the age of nine I started my first job – a paper round – and virtually all of my earnings were spent on records. Two years later I moved up the earnings ladder and got a job as a milk boy around Notting Hill Gate in West London. In one of the houses lived Tom Baker, who at the time was Dr Who. So, on Saturday nights I’d be hiding behind the sofa watching him fearlessly battle the Daleks, then on Sunday mornings I’d hand him two pints of Gold Top! At another house lived members of the band Genesis and, it’s true, they can’t dance! Notting Hill was quite an affluent area, which was great for getting tips when customers paid their bill. This meant that I was able to buy far more records and, within weeks, started buying every new release in the top 10 of the charts, a habit that continued for many years. […]

Communication, An Essential Skill for all DJs, Especially Those Who Also Act as a Master of Ceremonies

Communication An article written by Anthony Winyard and published in Pro Mobile the magazine for Mobile DJs, issue 63 January 2014. Over the last few years there has been a huge increase in the number of DJs in the UK offering all day wedding services; of not just offering background music during the wedding breakfast, drinks reception etc., but many now promoting themselves as a Master of Ceremonies and DJ. There are a number of benefits to this. If you are at the venue anyway, because you are playing background music, or have provided lighting, or other equipment, then you can increase your earnings by providing your services as the MC. Additionally doing the MC role well, establishes a great bond and rapport with the guests, meaning that by the time of the evening reception there is already a connection with some of the audience, and also often a greater respect. So rather than the usual situation of the DJ starting around 7ish, for the evening reception, and not knowing any of the guests and them not knowing him, I find the reception goes even better when I’ve got to know some of the guests and they’re on first-name terms with me by the time of the reception. […]

How to Hire a Master of Ceremonies

How to Hire a Master of Ceremonies With a million and one things to organise for an upcoming corporate event, hiring a Master of Ceremonies is frequently overlooked. As well as providing light entertainment between acts and activities, an MC will be at the centre of all behind-the-scenes arrangements, playing a subtle yet vital role in the smooth running of any party, wedding, gig, or event. Whether you’re seeking a professional MC for a company Christmas party or a large business event, you will want to make sure that your MC is up to the job. Let’s take a look at what duties you can expect of a professional, experienced Master of Ceremonies, and how to guarantee you secure only the best for your event. The duties of an MC A role involving plenty of skill and confidence, the duties of an MC will typically vary from event to event. That said, there are a number […]

Breaking the ice

At many weddings, it’s often only the bride and bridegroom, plus 1 or 2 other people that will know almost everyone attending and there are usually many guests that don’t know many of the other guests. For the gregarious and extroverts this isn’t a problem as they have no problem in just starting conversations with all and sundry but many people are quite a bit more reserved and don’t find that so easy. […]