How To Make Your Wedding A Lot Of Fun

Wedding Party Introductions

To be asked to be a bridesmaid or usher at a good friends wedding can be a real privilege and yet at many weddings guests can go through the whole day and not know anything about members of the wedding party.

One suggestion I make to some of the couples I work with that overcomes this issue also results in more fun as well, is by having personalised humorous introductions for each person in the wedding party. It means that all the guests get to know the name of each person in the wedding party plus something about them and usually results in laughter, which creates a great energy in the room and there is no better method of icebreaking than laughter.

The Love Story

When done correctly the telling of The Love Story about the married couple can be one of the highlights of any wedding and to deliver this properly it requires skill in a few different areas and many DJs/MCs have discovered the hard way that just simply adding this to what they offer without undertaking the necessary training can result in terrible consequences.

I have trained extensively to sharpen my skills in order to deliver this in a way that is touching, informative and hilarious, which includes courses with Mark Ferrell the original creator of delivering The Love Story at weddings, as well as many workshops in storytelling, scriptwriting, comedy, improv and delivering over a hundred speeches at Toastmasters International over the past five years. I also did over 20 gigs as a stand-up comedian on the London comedy open mic circuit, all to improve my ability to deliver a great Love Story for the couples I work with.

I find out information from the bride and then from the groom separately so neither one are sure what the other has told me and then from that information create a script. Every story is different and for some it may concentrate on how the couple met, another story may have more focus on the proposal and another might concentrate on a breakup and getting back together that was pivotal in the relationship. The things they all have in common is that great attention is paid to the words used and to make it personal to each couple so that the story has many sentimental touching moments that moves the audience as well as hilarious moments that get some real belly laughs.

The Mr & Mrs game

Another method of generating some fun into a wedding is with some games and one game that often goes down well is the Mr & Mrs game, which is also known as The Shoe game and tests how well the newlyweds know each other. Traditionally it is done by the couple sitting back to back and each holding one of their own shoes and one shoe from the other person. They then answer questions by holding up the shoe of the person they feel the question is most applicable to. For example if the question is “who is the best driver?” the bride may hold up her shoe while the groom holds up his own shoe. This of course results in much laughter and comment from the audience.

A twist I sometimes do on this game is to have not just the bride and groom but also a few other couples such as the best man and his partner, the bridesmaid(s) and partner(s), maybe the parents and so on also involved in the game and as you’ll see in this video which has six couples playing the game!

Video Testimonials

Social proof is ever more important and one of the most effective ways of achieving this is with video testimonials, because you don’t have to interpret what someone may have meant with a written comment or even wonder if the testimonial you’re reading is genuine.

Here are some Video testimonials from couples I have worked with:


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