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First off, Happy New Year to anyone reading this, and even if you’re not reading it!

View from the top Tony Winyard Entertainment

New Years eve fireworks by Tower Bridge

Well New Years Eve was the end of a very busy Christmas period and talk about go out on a high! I was at the top of Tower Bridge doing a wedding for James & Siobhan in a venue called Tower Bridge Walkways. It came as quite a surprise as I had thought that the event was taking a place in a different part of Tower Bridge. I had previously been a guest at an event in The Engine Rooms at Tower Bridge and had been led to believe this is where the event was taking place. I went for a meeting with the venue manager a few weeks ago and she was showing me the access points and discussing the security issues etc, but she just showed me the door that I would be accessing, which I wasn’t able to enter at the time because of an event taking place.

The views from the top are quite incredible. I didn’t have a decent camera with me but here is a short video on the venue website showing the room and the views. I had a great view of the fireworks at both the London Eye and Trafalgar Square and the crowd were very much up for a party.
The first dance that James & Siobhan chose was Ray Charles – It Had To Be You which was a classy way to start a great night at a fantastic venue.

View from the top Tony Winyard EntertainmentAnother great venue that I’ve done a couple of times in the past few weeks was 40/30 which is a restaurant at top of The Gherkin in The City. The events I did here were for The Halifax and BNS Paribas banks and similarly to Tower Bridge Walkways although the views were superb, the access was far from easy in terms of getting the equipment into the venue!

View from the top Tony Winyard Entertainment

Millennium Gloucester Hotel

Most of the events during the past few weeks were Christmas parties and some of the other venues I did events at included  The Millennium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington, Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park, The Bull Hotel in Gerrards Cross, Serafinos in Mayfair, The HAC in The City and Stock Brook Manor in Essex. December is always a crazy month and things quieten down in January quite a bit and a chance to catch up with all the paperwork, plus usually we receive a LOT of wedding enquiries in the first couple of weeks in January because so many people get engaged over the Christmas break, so the wedding bookings are stacking up nicely for the summer of 2011 and even of 2012!

Hope you’ve had a great festive period and wishing you the best for 2011.